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The photo to the left is not Everyday Michelle - or even Photographer Michelle. This is Michelle 2.0 - with a face full of makeup and a pretty purple dress. As a potential client, you deserve to see my best face - and this is it. A snapshot of me at my sister's wedding.


Photographer Michelle wears sensible business casual clothes when photographing events, but you can definitely count on the same smile, laugh, and pleasant personality.

As a photographer, I take my work seriously. That means cracking jokes and diffusing awkward situations in order to make you comfortable enough to show your real smile. It also means being organized, prepared, and able to wrangle your entire extended family for a photo before Uncle Bob has one too many drinks.

Set up a consultation now to see if we are a good fit, because it is just as important to like the person taking your pictures as it is the pictures they produce.

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